Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Tiara

Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Tiara

USD 12.99

SO YOU'RE THE DEFENDER OF MARS...When the universe conspires to turn your life upside down and push you out of your comfortable home or temple and make you confront all sorts of notorious, evil beings from a Dark Kingdom that you've never heard of, you've got to be thinking, 'Well, what do I get out of this!?' And, we don't blame you.  That's a lot of work to be expected for someone who, only a day prior, was content to sweep the mat and just try to keep the weird, pig-tailed, blonde girl from making a mess of the place!  Fortunately, you do get at least one amazing accessory for your work:FUN DETAILSPower yourself up and get ready to face down the danger when you wear this Sailor Mars Tiara, officially licensed from Sailor Moon.  This gold fabric-wrapped plastic tiara features a red faux gemstone and leather-like elastic straps for easy and comfortable wear. MARS POWER!Your whole opinion of dangerous combat might change when you find yourself empowered by the magic of this Sailor Mars Tiara.  Now, the actual fire powers might take a while to kick in, but you'll at least look like the genuine article and that might be enough to keep the Dark Kingdom away all on its own! 

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